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Benziger Family Winery
Pahlmeyer Winery
Paradigm Winery
Pride Mountain Vineyards
Joseph Phelps Vineyards
Ridge Vineyards
Chateau Souverain
Von Strasser Winery
Whitehall Lane Winery
Araujo Estate Wines
Long Vineyards
Peter Lehman Wines
Columbia Crest Winery
Beaulieu Vineyard
Dominus Estate
Martin Ray Winery
Vieux Telegraphe
Veramonte Winery
Estancia Winery
Simi Winery
Ravenswood Winery
Harlan Estate
Turley Wine Cellars


Wine Spectator Magazine
New York Time's Wine Today
Robert Parker's Wine Advocate
The Grapevine Weekly
The Wine News
Good trade information at Wine Industry News, a place with wine industry info.
The Wine Anorak, a UK based online wine magazine., Decanter Magazine, a UK based publication.


West Coast Wine Network General Discussions
West Coast Wine Network Tasting Notes
Wine Lover's Discussion Group
Wine Spectator Forums


UC Davis Department of Viticulture & Enology
Wine Institute links to health studies, wine laws, trade groups, etc...
All about Bordeaux Wines at
All about Cotes du Rhone Wines at
Robin Garr's Wine Lovers' Page
Info about great wine glasses at


Wine Searcher that searches stores everywhere
The Grapetray in Fresno, CA
Sam's Wine and Spirits in Chicago, IL
MacArthur's Beverages in Washington, D.C.
Village Corner in Ann Arbor, MI
The Wine Club Santa Clara, CA
K&L Wine Merchants a San Francisco, CA area store - we like their bordeaux futures offerings... an online wine store another online wine store in Boulder, CO an online tasting room to few CA wineries
John's Grocery in Iowa City, IA
Wine House in Los Angelos, CA
Sherry Lehmann in New York, NY

Portage Hills A good place for home winemaking and brewing supplies.

Auction Houses
The Chicago Wine Company

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